Thank you for your interest in Homepage Art Company for your web designing needs. Choosing a web designer is just the first of many steps in bringing your vision to life. Homepage Art Company has designed and developed a variety of websites and is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service.

The world of digital media is forever changing, and new ideas are presented every day. Being able to offer clients the most comprehensive and up to date services that are available is of the highest priority. By selecting Homepage Art Company as your web designer, you will receive a level of care, creativity, and experience that rivals others. Having Human Resources, Marketing, and Design experience allows Homepage Art Company to provide its clients with a wide range of support that can be tailored to fit any business.


Homepage Art Company was started in 2019 by Casey Hamby to provide a much needed service to small business. In the world of entrepreneurship, it is often common for small businesses to operate with a small staff who may not have the experience or time necessary to create and maintain a company’s website, create and implement marketing campaigns, or navigate the vast world of digital media. That is why Homepage Art Company has committed itself to providing these services to help small businesses grow.

In 2018, after working in the marketing department of a small firm, Casey Hamby found her passion for graphic and web design. She was determined to turn that passion into a career and completed her Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media Design and Production with a concentration in Web Design in the spring of 2020.

Being a small business itself, Homepage Art Company is all too familiar with the time, effort, and costs associated with maintaining a successful small business. This knowledge is the driving force in Homepage Art Company’s desire to work with small businesses. By keeping our focus on small businesses, our goal is to designate more time on projects, offer full customization, and keep costs as low as possible.