With so many options out there, it can be very difficult for small business to know exactly what they need to get their website up and running. Having someone available that can guide you through the process can make the task seem less daunting – all the while freeing up your time to focus on other pressing issues.

Homepage Art Company is there for you! We can create custom designs for your business and take care of the “hard stuff” that goes into creating a beautiful design. Our ability to not only listen to each clients’ wants and needs, but to be able to provide visual prototypes and mock-ups sets us apart from our competitors. This makes the process much smoother and allows everyone to see the full design and make any necessary changes.


It’s easy to see how confusing web design can be. Most small businesses rely on pre-generated templates to create their website. While these pre-generated templates can provide a customer with an adequate website, they cannot truly be fully customized; and you may end up paying for things that you do not need.

Homepage Art Company can help your business sort through all the technical jargon to create exactly what you are looking for! Plus, you are welcome to take part in as little or as much of the design process as you prefer. From picking the right color combinations to selecting the page-layout, we strive to create something that you are proud of and something we can be proud of as well!