Billy Mac’s Burgers & Wings


This site features plenty of jQuery actions in a fun and exciting neon color scheme! Fully responsive and fully loaded are the main focal points for this design. Each page features something a little different, and php code was used to make this website dynamic! Browse through and check out all this site has to offer. Just be careful, you might get hungry!

Truckin’ Tacos


Don’t go driving all over town looking for tacos! This website is fully dynamic, giving you up to date information with a simple page load. That’s right! This site loads pages dynamically and will recognize what day of the week it is and even what time of day, providing visitors with dynamic information of the company’s mobile business location on a daily business!



Call it a labor of love! This site was created by a team of web design students to showcase their love of design, and Chattanooga! Featuring a fully responsive design, this website contains a little bit of everything HTML and CSS have to offer! With jQuery plugins, JavaScript, Bootstrap and so much more, this team created a masterpiece for all to enjoy. Special thanks to Austin Hughes, Devan Gann, Faith Newman, Julisa Smith, Marsha Morton, and Sara Hansel!



Relax. Take a vacation from your busy day and let us design the perfect website for you! This site features fully responsive images, an eye-catching carousel, and a mosaic card layout suitable for any type of business. View this site on any type of device as it is fully responsive and mobile friendly!



Who doesn’t love honey? This website uses a beautiful color scheme paired with 2 and 3 column layouts to showcase the life of the honeybee. You may notice that the navigation links scroll up and down the page. This technique is a neat design featuring a one-page website. Links are targeted at specific points through the website and clicking them results in s smooth scroll to the target. One can manually scroll or click the links, making it a perfect design to use across all types of devices.

Jj Photography


This site is perfect for photographers who want to showcase their work! Featuring multiple columns, lightbox galleries, and beautiful fonts, this design is sure to attract clients. It offers potential clients a way to preview photos, videos, and any other work you would like to present. Whether you are a novice or have been in business for a while, we can create a stunning site for you to showcase your talent!

Client Sites